Monday, July 14, 2014

The Super Flying Fu*k!

I drew this guy earlier in the year and have gotten a lot of positive feedback. I burned a screen of it and can print t-shirts custom made to order, $20 each- free S&H. email me at to order. Buy this for your friends & loved ones- let them know that you give a "Super Flying Fu*k" about them! paypal accepted-

Oil painting works in progress

I've been working on some paintings off & on for a while. It doesnt look like much, but I've put a lot of time into these already, and I might be only half done. I'm re-discovering painting technique and trying to develop several series of different ideas.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

This is a small oil painting I finished a while ago. I have ideas for a series of paintings with similar content, which are inspired by pictures of ordinary things viewed under an electron microscopic.
This is a piece I was commissioned to do back in September for a friend's Facebook page. He loves fine food and alcohol and has dedicated a lot of time to mastering the art of BBQ and smoking meats. He created a "food porn" page (as he describes it) to share his cooking exploits, titled "Drunk Hungry". He is especially fond of pork-

Ronald Reagan, What Me Worry?

This is something I drew on my notebook in Jr High around 1988. I was always a big fan of Mad Magazine and this was my slightly "punked up" version of someone else's Ronald Reagan "What Me Worry?" caricature.-

The Flying F- You tattoo

I found this pic a while back on the Fatso Jetson FB page, one of their fans in Argentina had my art tattooed on his calf!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Back in February I reprinted 60 copies of my zine "Ink Drawings By Keef" (in a slightly smaller format) and published 40 copies of a new zine called "Just a River In Egypt" which is a short story about a guy in art school who gets conned by a life model. There are 2 old drawings in it, but otherwise it's 30 pages of story. My goal had been to finish 2 zines in time for L.A. Zinefest on feb 17th. I decided to stick to that goal even though registration for tables had closed out within 24 hours months earlier, before I had a chance to sign up. I finished the day of, and was able to go hang out for a while, say hello and trade zines with some people. It was cool, but soo crowded, hopefully they'll hold it somewhere bigger next year. I have always enjoyed writing and was often encouraged by my friends and teachers growing up. When I went to college, I made the choice to focus specifically on art, but I was torn between creative writing and film. In the last few years I have been writing and making notes for a number of projects which are finally starting to take shape. "Just a River In Egypt" is the first short story that I have ever shared or attempted to charge money for. I've also been working on something else that I call, "Retold Tales of Retail & Other Odd Jobs" which has turned into a much larger project than I originally imagined. I hope to be done writing and illustrating that in the next 6 months to a year. In the meantime I have just begun to work on several series of paintings and I continue to write other things as well. I'm working on a proper website, but if anyone is interested you can buy copies of my zine (while supplies) last on my page

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I have many interests and projects that I slowly get to in life the way some people have a bucket list, I have a bucket list of art projects that I would like to accomplish. I've done some woodworking in the past, and I'm a little bit of a musician, and I love cigar boxes... so, is it weird that I made a cigarbox ukulele? I made one several years ago that was more art project, than an instrument. It looked cool but it didnt hold a tune because I didnt use real tuning heads. I've had this cigarbox for a long time that I always thought would make a cool ukulele, and I bought some real tuning heads at a ukulele shop a couple years ago (that recently went out of business). For some reason I decided to cross this one off the list recently, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Mahogany neck, with red oak fretboard. It actually holds a tune and plays ok.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Newer Stuff- Fatso Jetson & EODM

I never intended to fill this blog with the daily minutiae of everyday life, although I probably should post more often. I have not yet to date reprinted my book of ink drawings or made prints of any of those images. I just recently got to use some of that art though- I am stoked that my old desert friends "Fatso Jetson" are using my "Flying F You" image on their T-shirts for their current European tour, and I also re purposed another image from my book, as a Fatso Jetson tour poster. I just finished those less than a week ago and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I made 125, 3 color prints which all glow in the dark, some glow a lot more than others though. I also got to contribute art for F.J.'s new vinyl pressing of their classic album "Toasted". These drawings appear on the center of the record instead of song titles or side A or B. Mario picked up the posters on thurs. My place was a mess from working for 2 weeks straight. It took me a day or 2 to clean and get my studio ready to go again, but I managed to pull off designing and printing these posters for EODM 3 days later by sunday night. I just made 75 single color prints. The first 30 are mostly various shades of blue and dark blue and the rest are a metallic copper. I had known Jesse was playing at Alex's Bar here in Long Beach, but I had been too busy to make something brand new. This drawing of him is part of the series that I drew for him a year ago when he came to me for his solo album art and then flaked on me. I'm glad I was able to use some of this stuff. I sold about half of the posters, and gave a bunch away, but I still have some left if anyone is interested- hit me up.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Its a small handmade book, 32 pages approx 7"x8.5" so, by most definitions its a zine, but its just a collection of my ink drawings from the last several years. I only made 50 copies for the first edition, and unfortunately they are all already accounted for. I was able to sell a bunch of them to my friends at work and on facebook, but I'm giving more of them away to other friends and mailing some off to different magazines and publications. I plan to print 100 copies of a 2nd edition sometime soon, hopefully by November. I am pleased with the way this one turned out, and now I'm inspired to make something more narrative, maybe like an illustrated children's book for adults. Thanks to all who bought one so far. Now I need to choose a few of the images from this book to make screenprint posters and t-shirts of and my old friend from the desert, Ian Hughes is going to build me a cool "real" website- (stay tuned for details on that in the coming months).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Elvis's Secret Power

Recently I made this little 1 page comic based on an excerpt from a book I read years ago about Elvis . I've had the idea for a while now, but just finally got around to doing it. I submitted it to LA Record Magazine and it looks like they are going to publish it in the comics section of their summer issue coming out very soon. I'm working on a bunch of ideas I have for other one page comics like this based on my own stories and taken from books.

Here's a scan of the full original quote that I use from the book "Elvis, What Happened?". It's not very well written as you can see. Its essentially transcribed conversation, which made for poor storytelling in a short format so I had to take some creative liberties by selecting and omitting parts. This book was written by a few of Elvis's longtime friends and bodyguards after he fired them abruptly for no apparent reason. At the time it came out, it was heresy for many Elvis fans to hear that he had been abusing drugs for years. Many fans were angry that these guys were "soiling" Elvis's reputation. Then within a year or 2 of this books release, he died for the reasons we all know. These guys were fired basically because they had started to interfere with Elvis's pill intake. The book is out of print, but you can still find it cheap- I bought my copy on ebay for $5.

My book of ink drawings coming soon!

I am currently finishing up on the last of 30 ink drawings which I plan to collect and self publish as a little book / zine by the end of august. It will include many of my biomorphic drawings like the ones shown earlier on my blog here, as well as a few things that are less weird like this peice that I call

"Home Sweet Home
Away From Home
Away from Home"

I think I'll make 100 copies, and the cover image will be screen printed. Hopefully in the near future I'll get a proper website up as well, and all of these drawings will be available as screen prints by then too.

Many of these works are based on ideas and doodles that I have been exploring in sketchbooks for years now. After I publish these black & white ink drawings, I intend to explore a lot of this subject matter further in color with paint and other mediums.

Boots Electric Album Art / Concert Poster ideas

Back in February my old pal Jesse "the Devil Boots Electric" Hughes contacted me and desperately needed me to fix and/or contribute to the album art for his new solo debut record. He gave me a bunch of photo reference jpegs and made me think I was doing the album art. Typical Jesse, he flaked within a week or 2. These are a few of the things I came up with before "communication breakdown". Although this art wont be in the album, I'm pretty sure I can use some of it on a concert poster when he tours for the record. For years he was going to call this record "Fabulous Weapon". More recently it was supposed to be "Cold Warrior", then it was "Raped By Miracles" and now I believe he has finally settled on "Honky Kong". I heard most of it before it was finished and it sounds great. He pushes his vocal range on this to other styles and its a lot more "dancey" than his EODM stuff. Money Mark produced 8 of the songs and also plays on a few numbers and there are other guest musicians as well, all of whom I forget except Paul Simon (according to him). I think it is slated for a september release.

Friday, August 20, 2010

some new things

I have been accumulating more and more of the biomorphic pieces and I think I will do some oil and watercolor paintings in this vein as well. Also in the last several months a few different opportunities to make music posters have fallen through. One particular gig may still happen, but until it does, I am including a black & white version with the band information removed. If that one ever pans out, I'll post a 3 color version for an old friend's band.

For various technical reasons I was unable to complete posters for the Street Dogs and the Stitches at the Glass House last saturday aug 14th. I was pretty happy with my design, which made it all the more annoying that I couldnt complete them. Screenprinting is a complex process with many variables and things that can go wrong. I have been doing it now for about 3 years but I was unprepared for several technical mishaps and unfortunately couldnt pull it off in time for the show. I'll include that poster too, and hope that this design can be recycled for another project in the near future.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

*** ***

The most recent " bio-morph " works are not available yet. I am still considering what to do with these, I may make limited edition screenprints of some of them.

Thanks- KEEF

Monday, December 7, 2009

Most recent Pen & Ink stuff

Heres a sampling of my most recent work. I plan on going this direction with music posters too, some of which may make use of these already finished parts. I call it "bio-morphism", I dont know if other people are using that term, and I'm not sure where I heard the word, but I think it describes what I've been doing. Here's a "fossil alphabet" I started a few years ago and just finished recently-

Other recent screenprints

I've been working on screenprinting many other ideas that are unrelated to music, here are a few from the last 2 years or so. The guy eating a fish is from a drawing I did for a flier for a fundraising benefit for Mario Lalli's now long defunct club in Indio- Rhythm & Blues circa 96' or so.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eagles of Death Metal at the Glasshouse poster

**Note to buyers** the exact prints pictured are no longer available, however I still have a limited quantity left of these in either blue & green or blue & orange. let me know after "buying it now" which color scheme you prefer. $30 includes shipping and handling- no extra fee.

These are from a while back at the glasshouse, 3 colors.

The Hives / Eagles of Death Metal Poster @ the Mayan

I have limited numbers left of this print, but they are not all the same. **Note For Buyers** the print you recieve will not be the exact numbered print in the picture, and may be in slightly different colors. I will mail the poster within 72 hours of payment clearing. $30 includes shipping and handling- no extra fee.

The Hives / EODM @ the Mayan. 4 colors- the moon glows in the dark

The Strokes / Eagles of Death Metal poster

The Strokes / EODM was my 2nd run, I made 150 prints, 9-11 colors- mostly different color schemes. Its not likely that I have the exact prints shown anymore, but I still have many versions of all these posters- if anyone is interested, these are a flat price of $30 each- no extra fee for shipping and handling. Again- I am not likely to have the exact prints pictured, but I do have plenty left that may be similiar as well as totally differant color schemes. After "buying it now", I will send you an email within 72 hours including a picture of a few color schemes to choose from, and I will mail it out shortly after I have your response.

Peaches / EODM Poster

Jesse kept encouraging me to design posters, and although he came through on having the Mondo poster printed, he wasnt able to follow through on several others. I wound up learning how to screenprint after a few of the show dates, and I printed them after the fact. I had gone to a lot of work to design them (even if it doesnt look like it) and I wanted to have the posters to show for it.
Peaches / Eagles of Death Metal @ the Henry Fonda was my 1st run of prints. I experimented a lot out of 225 prints, many different colors, some glow in the dark, many different papers.
The Wiltern poster was never printed, but you may recognize the siamese motorcycle design in the center from EODM's 2nd album- Death By Sexy. Unfortunately they had someone crudely alter the women I drew, instead of asking me to do it.

Click here if you are interested in buying a Peaches/EODM @ the Henry Fonda. I dont have anymore like this glow in the dark one, but they are available in many different color schemes. $20 no extra fee for shipping & handling